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Our partnership helps our clients accomplish their goals by providing them with professionals of the highest quality and integrity, committed to doing the right thing.


We value a culture of accountability and promote a dynamic work environment that is rewarding professionally and personally for all our employees.


Xcel Finance and Accounting was founded in 2015 by Rao Vallabhaneni. He has successfully provided world-class consultants since 1997, and is now diversifying his offerings into the finance and accounting industries. It’s not every day you find a staffing agency president who also served as director of a pharmaceuticals company and worked in nuclear medicine research. But it’s this unique background in the sciences that gives Rao Vallabhaneni the analytical skills necessary to run a successful business. Rao is the President of, and driving force behind, Xcel Finance and Accounting. After pursing a career in medical research at both Harvard and Washington University Medical School, Rao is recognized as an educated businessman and a true leader in the staffing industry, with 18+ years in staffing and consulting. He understands the benefits of validating skills and experience with true talent checks and reviews, while understanding how qualified consultants bring successful assistance in applying finance and professional services for our clients.

With sister companies, TechnoSmarts and New Healthcare Solutions, there are now three entities offering staffing services on a national level.

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World class leaders in providing cutting edge solutions and unique information technology resources.

New Healthcare Solutions

Focused in all facets of the healthcare industry from direct-care providers to pharmacy technicians.

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