Low-Risk, High-Reward Talent Solutions

For highly qualified finance and accounting professionals, look no further than Xcel Finance and Accounting. We understand that having confidence in your resources is everything. That’s why we are committed to bringing you people with the highest acumen in every aspect of finance, from tax to M&A to compliance.

  • Acquire and retain top talent
  • Access specialized expertise
  • Increase staffing ROI
  • Focus on your business goals

Connect with the highly qualified professionals your business demands.

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Augment your staff on an as-needed basis with premier finance and accounting professionals.


Evaluate a professional before hire to determine skill level and cultural fit.

Direct Placement

See only candidates who match your on-paper and organizational requirements. Xcel Finance and Accounting handles all the legwork.


Place the contract employees of your choice on our payroll. We handle payroll, tax withholding and benefits.